What is dotShop?

Commercial Connect, LLC is a technology company that will offer the dotShop (.shop) top-level domain (TLD) name to establish a new paradigm for global e-Commerce.  We want to make online shopping safer, easier, and more affordable. (




The Internet Has Some Problems:


1)  There are over 85 million web site names registered in the dotcom (.com) domain alone.  Thus, it is nearly impossible for new businesses to create a short and descriptive name. 
2)  Internet fraud increased by 33% in 2008 and was up 50% between February and March of 2009.  Conusmers are now more wary of purchasing online.
3)  Consumers have to make a strong effort to navigate a corporate dotcom site in order to locate the product(s) they want to purchase.

DOTSHOP is the Solution:

Commercial Connect, LLC plans to register the dotShop TLD, which is specifically designed for electronic commerce.  This will clarify the purpose of web sites, make searching for products easier, and create more options for desirable domain names.  Online security will be guaranteed through an account certification process that verifies the web site as a legitimate online retailer.



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